• 500 Pieces Puzzle Frame WALNUT 34x48 30 mm
500 Pieces Puzzle Frame WALNUT 34x48 30 mm
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Puzzle Frame Product Description (Without Glass)

Your white puzzle frame is ready in the box.

Support carton for puzzle mounting is also included in the box.

You can just put your 500 piece puzzle in it and hang it on your wall.

There is no glass in the package. The use of glass is optional.

Frame Preparation

1 - Glue your puzzle to the support carton inside the box.

2 - Place the Glued Puzzle by putting it behind the frame.

3 - Close the frame retaining tabs from the back.

Just 3 minutes and your 500 puzzle is ready to hang on the wall. Frame compatibility It is puzzle compatible, made in accordance with the integrity of 500 pieces.

It can be used vertically or horizontally according to its puzzle feature.

Frame Size

Special laminated product, Anatolian Brand Puzzle compatible 34 x 48 cm puzzle frame size has 3.0 cm frame thickness.

Frame Color: WALNUT

Package Included :

1 - Piece Puzzle Frame and

2 - Frame support includes Cardboard.

500 Pieces Puzzle Frame WALNUT 34x48 30 mm - Puzzle glue, products required for puzzle types in deritel virtual market.

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