Birbiral; The priority of the domestic products first-hand, first quality, brand-conscious shoppers suggesting Turkey is a new virtual store. "Birbiral" "First Quality service, the same service to everyone" with a vision towards becoming Turkey's yenimarka are progressing with rapid strides.

Birbiral: Turkey's success in the leather industry technology, design, combining to increase the brand awareness of innovation and has determined to assert itself in the international arena.

it is our priority to provide first-hand shopping for the products needed by virtual users who shop with each other via virtual commerce.

We, who are conceptional that it is a coincidence that it is a coincidence, is a planned and programmed strategy and team work, we work with our power and compete against time.

First-rate, First Quality, Conscious Shopping

They have embraced the principles of the Brewery Ahilik. It is aware that the first value of trade is the morality.
Ahi Evran is the founder of the Ahilik path. "Always be a good moral" has always been the target.It offers the same service to Birbiral Customers unconditionally and indefinitely.It is important to remind customers that conscious shopping is necessary.Birbiral stores primarily include domestic products and local brands.
Continuously working to prefer domestic productsWe look for alternative products for you, analyze, provide you with a solution that will satisfy all parties economically and socially.In order to sell first hand products, Birbiral goes to the source of production and offers to its customers in order to protect the producers and consumers.It is a virtual mall that conforms to the international sales and trade laws of the United StatesThe products are sold originally and originally made with original and real products.Minimal profit for itself, provides maximum benefit for customers.Collaboration produces new ideas and practical solutions. All new and creative ideas follow an innovative policy that will survive.Birbiral produces products compatible with the environment and nature and offers to consumers.Consistently produces products in a natural and unique way that will reinforce health and happiness.Your esteemed is respectable. Reputation is a long-term concept that can be achieved by filling in concepts such as trust, innovation, quality and service.

Innovative Original Design will add value to your life style Birbiral products