• Deritel Knitted Bead Bracelet Series
  • Deritel Knitted Bead Bracelet Series
  • Deritel Knitted Bead Bracelet Series
Deritel Knitted Bead Bracelet Series
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Deritel Leather Bracelet 

SIZE: M mold Length: 17-18 Cm

The double bead series bracelets produced in the Deritel leather bracelet product group were offered for sale at www.deritel.com store. Three bracelets, blue and black beaded bracelets and dark blue leather knitted bracelets were combined and combined. The preferred wristband options of recent years have been combined and elegance and design features have become prominent products. We think that it is a great wrist jewelry that is preferred by young generations and that appeals to all age groups.

With every passing day, wrist jewelery is worn with love for young and old and an indispensable completion for fashion is seen as an ornament. While gold and silver jewelry are more prominent for women, the prominent product for men are leather and beaded combinations. In addition, leather and beaded bracelets that are used with the watch are highly preferred. You can wear Deritel wristbands side by side on the wrist and embellish in the fullness and visual you want.

Deritel Original Leather Bracelet

A beaded leather knitted bracelet was closed with a steel closure, and a stylish and wonderful visual design was revealed. Deritel wristbands that will decorate your wrist all day were produced with hand labor and eye-catch. You will definitely not have difficulty while wearing and removing the Deritel bracelet on your wrist. In addition, these bracelets that are in intensive contact with your skin all day long will not harm your health. It looks stylish and elegant on your skin and taps you.

You can safely order all products in our online shop. We hope you enjoy all our products in A quality feature. You can examine stylish products for all fashion lovers who love jewelry and especially bracelets. You can present it to your loved ones and increase your happiness.

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