• Leather iPhone 8 Plus Case Leather Case Orlando Series Night Blue
  • Leather iPhone 8 Plus Case Leather Case Orlando Series Night Blue
Leather iPhone 8 Plus Case Leather Case Orlando Series Night Blue
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Deritel Iphone 7-8 Plus Orlando Series Night Blue Phone Case

Compatible Models: It is full compatible with Iphone 7-8 Plus smartphones.

Iphone 8 Plus Leather Phone Case Revives when the Touches

As a Deritel brand, we are proud to present you a wonderful Apple iPhone 8 Plus Leather Phone Case Orlando Series Blue. We present the ideal smartphone case for mobile technology users, with the blue color. We are sure that you will get a full note from the quality of your valuable phone. You will not want to leave your iPhone smartphone case to reflect your style in any environment.

Handmade Domestic Production with A Class Quality Feature

Unique and stylish design with natural leather was produced in Turkey. The hand crafted, hand-crafted hand-crafted leather phone accessory features a molded finish. You can put comfort in the molded compartment of the phone. A quality in international standards with this product will protect your phone in any environment and you will easily use the visual harmony.

No Harm to Environment and Nature

It is a sleek and polite product designed exclusively. It will add skin to your skin to reflect the natural nobility of the skin. Environment, Nature and Human Health You can always use the appropriate phone case.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus takes full notes on your cell phone compatibility, it won't embarrass you in protecting your phone. It will grasp and wrap your phone, tightly.

Deritel is a Turkish Leather Accessory Brand

Deritel is a leather phone accessories brand that Turkish product. The handmade A quality feature with genuine leather features is meticulously designed and manufactured with care.

It is produced from genuine leather.

It is produced from genuine leather.

It is a quality product that you will use for a long time by love.

If you will get a gift, you can be sure that it will be appreciated.

It has elegant design.

Leather is a natural product.

This case is covered by first quality leather materials.


It provides easy access to charging and earphone ports.

It is slim to keep and using it easy in pocket or bag.

Made in Turkey

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